Greg & Aidan Ryan

Dear friends, 

As many of you know, Aidan and I worked hard this past winter on our third record. We had finished tracking and had studio time booked to start mixing , but due to the Covid19 outbreak, these sessions had to be postponed. I am happy to report the record is now moving forward again and in the capable hands of Chris Magruder at Thundering Sky Studio. Things are sounding great and we can’t wait to share it with you all!

Feeling strongly that art is needed now more than ever, Aidan and I decided to release some of the record as rough mixes. 

We hope this will provide a few moments away from the heaviness of all thats going on in the world.  We highly encourage everyone to DANCE! Listen through decent speakers, crank it up and dance.

I know I am biased but I think Aidan’s music is brilliant and needs to be shared. I, of course, would like to have more polished mixes ready, but I think it’s more important to share the music with you all.  We have decided to make these rough mixes available on our website for free. We encourage you to make a donation of any amount to one of the organizations working so incredibly hard to help us all get through this. Links are on our website near the download button. 

Please share and we really hope this music helps in some way. 

Let’s take care of each other. We are all in this together. 

Greg and Aidan 

Rebuild Rochester Foundation helps seniors, disabled adults, and families in financial crisis. RRF is a tax exempt organization, Please send donations to Rebuild Rochester Fd, at P.O. Box 119, Rochester, VT 05767


The 321

This is one of the most unique pieces of music I have heard. It is one of Aidan’s originals and this one is likely to mess with your head a little (or a lot). My sense is, it's not going to be for everyone. This one took us a while to develop because when Aidan wrote it, I couldn’t play it. I tried and tried to wrap my head around the timing. I could get the rhythm ( kind of) but not the chord changes. Or at least not at the same time. As a result, it never went on a set list and we never worked on it. When we decided to record it for this record, I knew I would have to get these rhythmic structures not just in my head, but in my bones. One reason was that I had to have an intelligent conversation with the drummer about what we were looking for on this track. I decided to loop a recording of Aidan playing part of the song, cranked it up, grabbed two fly swatters and sat on the floor by the wood stove. I spent the next two hours playing ‘drums’ with fly swatters and aluminum pie plates. It worked!

This song was originally called The Impossible 321. Partly because I couldn’t play it and partly because I discovered that if I counted it

1,2,3, followed by the word ‘impossible’ in my head that helped me wrap my head around the rhythm.

1,2,3 impossible, 1,2 impossible, 1 impossible

The Impossible 321!

Of course, this is Aidan we’re talking about here, so that is just the beginning of the crazy timing changes etc. in this song but it gives you a sense of how his brain works.

I hope you’ll give it a few listens before expecting your body to know how to move. I’ve never heard anything quite like it.

A huge shout out to Jeff Berlin for his incredible drumming on this track!

We put together a really superb line up on this track.



THE 321 by Aidan Ryan 

Noah Young - Bass

Nick Elman - Horns and horn arrangement ( baritone, tenor, alto sax and clarinet) 

Scott Kessel - double bell

Jeff Berlin - drums

Aidan Ryan - nylon string guitar

Greg Ryan - steel string guitar


Produced, engineered and mixed by Greg Ryan

mastered by Chris Magruder

A huge THANK YOU to all who have supported this project! We could not have made it this far without you.


Dave Haughey - cello

Aaron Marcus - piano

Gabe Jarrett - drums

Aidan Ryan - nylon string guitar and oudjo

Greg Ryan - steel string guitar


GOURD FUNK   by Aidan Ryan
As many of you know, a few years back I went through a gourd instrument making phase. I designed and built around ten instruments altogether. Some with drum head tops, some with spruce. One even had a metal top made out of an old propane tank.  
I made one as a birthday present for Aidan Ryan . A week later he came to me with a new song that he had written on it. Gourd Funk ( the instrument is tuned nothing like a guitar but that didn’t stop him). 
Because it was played on gourdtars instead of guitars we only played it at a couple of shows. Perhaps you were at one of them. 
Here it is . This track features Casey Ryan ( Aidans older brother) on bass. Casey’s bass parts led to all sorts of cool stuff which you will hear. This one is a true Ryan family collaboration.  Enjoy ( you’re dancing right?)!
The mix is rougher than I would like but we will get to actually mixing this record when we can. More important to have new music to listen to while we are all staying at home. 
Hang in there everyone, we will get through this! Hope the music helps. 

Gabriel Jarrett - drums
Casey Ryan - bass
Scott Kessel - percussion
Nick Elman - horns 
Greg Ryan - guitar
Aidan Ryan - gourdtar

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