When the Covid-19 pandemic arrived in the U.S. our entire way of life changed. Suddenly there was a need to remain outdoors, a way to keep going. Schools needed ways to safely educate students, farmer’s markets and restaurants needed to reinvent themselves in order to survive.  Recognizing the need for year-round outdoor structures, Greg Ryan along with his sons Aidan and Casey got to work creating the RyanTruss. 

As we approach a turning point and vaccines are becoming more available we are still seeing changes in our daily lives. Children and teachers are embracing the shift to learning outdoors and communities are finding the need for outdoor gathering spaces.


The RyanTruss is a semi-portable canopy that is practical, beautiful and strong enough to provide year round shelter even in harsh winters. The structure has been engineered for maximum strength using minimal materials, creating a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly covered space with countless applications.

Unique geometry, reviewed and improved by a structural engineer, creates an extremely strong structure with minimal materials

Translucent roof creates an open, light-filled space

Fast on-site assembly

Handmade in Vermont

Family owned and operated business with a commitment to supporting local businesses

Delivery and installation are included in central Vermont

Discounts available for public schools

Outdoor classroom - Gathering and event space - Performance space - Outdoor kitchen - Vehicle storage - Workshop - Outdoor studio space - Storage

RyanTruss outdoor classroom at the Rochester Elementary School.