The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

Improv Diary

Over the years I have played many styles of music, from Andean folk to gypsy jazz and much in-between. I started the band ‘They Might be Gypsies’ years ago with my son Aidan and we just released our third record together. All have received great reviews. In addition to playing Gypsy Jazz with my son, I have had the pleasure to play with many incredible musicians over the years. They've all been great teachers and I've soaked up everything I could. 

I’ve always had an interest in improvisational music. When the covid lockdown began, I started keeping a daily improvisation journal.  I am now exploring using these diary entries as a jumping off point for further exploration but this time in a live setting.  It's similar to jazz I suppose, where there's a malleable form that allows things to be taken in many different directions. These are not ‘songs’ per se, but rather emotional states expressed through music...based partly on the improv diaries, and partly on what Bobby McFerrin so perfectly describes as ‘Spontaneous Invention’.

I play a combination of Guitar and an instrument I designed and built now known as the ‘Oudjo’, part gourd banjo, part Turkish Oud (with a little octave mandolin for good measure). Committing fully to the moment, whether through meditation or, what hip-hop artists might refer to as, a flow-state, results in a truly unique experience. Every time. 

Greg's intricate music scapes invite movement, feeling, aliveness. Layered sounds build complexity that speaks to my inner reality. The connection I feel is a relief from surface living as it taps my deeper authentic self. The music expands my appreciation of the moment.” - S. Burrell
If I sing ‘you broke my heart, you left me flat’, everyone knows exactly what that means - they know the story. But if I sing a line that’s plaintive or wailing, people can experience their own set of emotions and their own story…one song becomes a thousand songs” - Bobby McFerrin